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Confirmed Speakers

> Joshua Brashars
Joshua is a Sr. Security Consultant at AppSec Consulting, located in San Jo
se, California. Josh prefers to break things instead of make them, and as a
 Penetration Tester at AppSec, Josh has arrived in professional Nirvana. Jo
shua has presented at several notable security conferences, including Toorc
on and HOPE. Joshua has also contributed to several titles with Syngress Pu

> Julian Cohen
Julian is a security researcher from New York City.  When he isn't helping o
ut around the NYU Poly ISIS lab, he spends his time finding bugs and learnin
g new exploitation techniques.  He has previously done information security 
work for the consulting company Gotham Digital Science and the web startup T
heLadders.com.  Julian participates in CTF competitions around the world, in
 attempt to gain experience and hone my skills.

> Gary Golomb
Gary Golomb is a Principal Security Researcher at NetWitness Corporation, a
nd served as founder and CEO of Proventsure, director of R&D and Competitiv
e Intelligence at Enterasys Networks, and lead IT Forensics Investigator fo
r the George Washington University (GWU). At GWU, Gary led projects analyzi
ng thousands of the university's computers for Personally Identifiable Info
rmation, security configuration, and policy compliance, and network detecti
on of malware and policy and regulation violations. Academically, Gary work
ed in the field of bioinformatics, proteomics, and pharmacogenomics at GWU,
 and created innovative algorithms for protein identification used in synth
etic biomaterials and genome mapping. Gary served in the U.S. Marine Corps 
as a Recon Marine in a direct action platoon in the 2nd Force Recon Company
 and deployed internationally as part of the Special Operations team of the
 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.  Gary has developed numerous groundbreakin
g techniques for detecting various types of data and activity in data in mo
tion and data at rest.

> Rob Havelt
Rob Havelt is the director of penetration testing at Trustwave's SpiderLabs
, the advanced security team within Trustwave focused on incident response,
 security testing, security research, and application security for premier
clients. Rob has worked with offensive security seemingly forever, and from
 running a start-up ISP, to working as a TSCM specialist, he's held just ab
out every job possible in the realm of system administration and informatio
n security. Formerly a bourbon-fueled absurdist, raconteur, and man about t
own, currently a sardonic workaholic occasionally seeking meaning in the fi
ner things in life - Rob is, and will always be, a career hacker.

> Lee Kushner
Lee Kushner is the President of LJ Kushner and Associates, LLC, an executiv
e recruitment firm exclusively focused on the information security industry
 and its professionals.  For over a decade, the firm has advised and guided
 thousands of information security professionals in making informed decisio
ns about their careers. Lee is a co-founder of Infosecleaders.com, an infor
mation security career resource.  The website provides career advice and gu
idance for information security professionals as they address the challenge
s of their information security careers. He is a regular speaker and author
 on industry topics that include career planning, career management, hiring
 and retention, and compensation trends.  Speaking credits include RSA, Bla
ck Hat, SOURCE Boston, the ISSA CISO Forum, OWASP and others.

> Rafal Los
Rafal is 17+ year veteran of the IT world, working as a penetration tester, 
researcher then consultant, architect and Information Security Officer at c
ompanies ranging from SMBs to a stretch with a Fortune 5.  

> Dave Marcus
Dave Marcus currently serves as Director of Security Research and Communica
tions for McAfee� Labs, focusing on bringing McAfee�s extensive security re
search and global threat intelligence to McAfee�s customers and the greater
security community. Mr. Marcus formerly served as Senior Security Evangelis
t and Strategist for McAfee, with more than ten years of technical experien
ce in network solutions, information technology security, network performan
ce and integration, e-learning solutions, in addition to management and con
sulting.  Mr. Marcus� current focus at McAfee Labs includes PR, media, and 
thought leadership responsibilities, serving as both blogmaster and tweetma
ster for McAfee Labs Security Blog, and is the co-host of AudioParasitics �
 The Official PodCast of McAfee Labs. Mr. Marcus also has responsibilities 
for all publications from McAfee Labs, such as the Labs� journal of securit
y vision The McAfee Security Journal as well as its Quarterly Threat Report
. Prior to joining McAfee, Mr. Marcus has held leadership and consulting po
sitions focusing on information technology security services, network solut
ions, enterprise management, knowledge engineering and management, informat
ion technology, research & development program management, and has provided
 professional consulting services.  His industry experience crosses all IT-
based industries with a determined focus on advanced intelligence gathering
, digital forensic analysis, as well as intrusion detection/prevention and 
analysis on both the network and host.  Mr. Marcus is also a Qualified Expe
rt Witness in Computer Forensics and Computer Security as well as being one
 of the most highly sought after speakers on all levels of information secu

> G. Mark
G. Mark has lived a dual identity as a computer security consultant and a r
eserve military officer for over 25 years. He uniquely combines his cyber s
ecurity expertise with the leadership skills gained from serving in command
nine times.  He now helps people achieve transformational change in their l
ives.  Having been entrusted with building and running the leadership train
ing program for over 67,000 warfighters, he now shares those leadership sec
rets with others who want to benefit from this wisdom and knowledge.  His m
ission is to help others take charge of their lives and gain the courage to
pursue and achieve their goals.

> Spencer McIntyre
Spencer McIntyre is a security consultant at SecureState where he focuses o
n penetration testing and tool development. Most recently Spencer has been 
developing auxiliary modules for the Metasploit framework including a set f
or running layer 2 attacks. Spencer really doesn�t like talking about himse
lf in the 3rd person, but is still awesome.

> Mr. Moustache
The man, the myth, the legend... Mr Moustache has come out of hibernation. 

> Matt Neely
Matt Neely is the Profiling Team Manager at SecureState where he leads a te
am who perform traditional and physical penetration tests, web application 
security reviews and wireless security assessments. Matt is a host on the S
ecurity Justice podcast, and spends his free time wearing kilts and hacking
 all things wireless. 

> Chris Roberts
Chris is the Founder, CISO and Chief Geek of One World Labs, an assessment,
 remediation and research facility in the Front range area of Colorado. Chr
is has played a variety of roles both inside and as a consultant to the IT 
security, engineering, and architecture/design operations of a number of Fo
rtune 500 companies across the finance, retail, energy, and services sector
s. He has previously worked as an FBI business liaison.  He has a wealth of
 experience conducting vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, comp
romise investigations, and digital forensics examinations of all types of i
nformation systems.  He is also adept at searching in cyberspace, including
 the dark corners that most search engines avoid because of the security th
reats they pose.  Chris has also worked on, developed and implemented compa
ny-wide information security awareness programs and trains management and e
mployees on IT security topics.

> VideoMan (David M. N. Bryan)
David has 10 years of computer security experience, including consulting, en
gineering, and administration. He has performed security assessment & pentes
t projects in the healthcare, nuclear, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, bankin
g and educational sectors. As an active participant in the information secur
ity community, he volunteers at DEFCON, where he designs and implements the
firewall and network for what is said to be the most hostile network environ
ment in the world. This network allows speakers, press, vendors, and others 
to gain access to the Internet, without being hacked. In his spare time he r
uns the local DEFCON group, DC612, is the president of Twincities Makers gro
up, and participates in the Minneapolis OWASP chapter. 

> Vyrus
Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged e
xposure to Vyrus.  Vyrus may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds.  Vyru
s contains a liquid core, which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be t
ouched, inhaled, or looked at.  Do not use Vyrus on concrete.  Discontinue 
use of Vyrus if any of the following occurs; itching, vertigo, dizziness, t
ingling in extremities, loss of balance or coordination, slurred speech, te
mporary blindness, profuse sweating, heart palpitations.  If Vyrus begins t
o smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head.  Vyrus may stic
k to certain types of skin.  When not in use, Vyrus should be returned to i
ts special container and kept under refrigeration. Failure to do so relieve
s the makers of Vyrus, the Thotcon organization, and its parent company, DC
949, of any and all exotic liability.  Ingredients of Vyrus include an unkn
own glowing substance which fell to Earth, presumably from outer space.  Vy
rus has been shipped to our troops in Saudi Arabia and is also being droppe
d by our warplanes on Iraq.  Do not taunt Vyrus.  Vyrus comes with a lifeti
me guarantee. 

***END THOTCON TRANSMISSION************************************************